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Huatai machinery edible oil refining processing line introduction

Edible oil refining purpose:depending on the requirements and purposes of the unnecessary and harmful impurities are removed from the oil to obtain edible meet certain quality standards.
Edible oil refining processing line introduction:edible oil refining machine is not a complete removal of impurities in oil, but remove detrimental impurities on consumption, storage, industrial production, such as gossypol, proteins, phospholipids, mucus, water, etc. removed and useful “impurities” such as vitamin E, sterols again reserved.Depending on the operating characteristics and raw materials, oil refining processing line of choices can be broadly divided into three mechanical refining, chemical refining and physical refining processing lines.

Huatai machinery edible oil refining processing line introductionHuatai machinery edible oil refining processing line introduction

Oil refining is more complex and flexible in operation. Technical condition and economical profit must be taken into consideration during edible oil refining project. Only if a suitable oil refining processing line can obtain high quality and safe edible oil.
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