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Huatai different oilseed pretreatment and pre-press method introduction

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Edible oil pressing is type of simple oil making process, which includes pressing, pre-pressing, high temperature oil pressing, and cold oil pressing etc.The establishment of oilseeds pretreatment depends on oilseed varieties.Huatai oilseed pressing include soybean pretreatment, rapeseed pressing, corn germ pressing, peanut pressing, cottonseed pressing, sunflower pressing, rapeseed pressing, rice bran pretreatment, castor seed pressing, copra pressing and palm oil processing machine.

Simple oil pressing process flow adopts one time pressing or twice pressing of oilseeds. It enables special oil taste and flavor during processing, such as sesame oil, fragrant, peanut oil, coconut butter etc. This oil pressing method is also applicable for small-scale oil plant.

High temperature oil pressing method is applicable in oilseed prepressing or oilseed pretreatment. Cold oil pressing machine is adopted on condition that pressed cake is used as materials for oil fat production and medical production. The oilseed cake keeps low temperature of less than 70 degrees during cold oil press. It assures invariance of oilseed protein denaturation.

Palm oil processing line is described in detail in this website.

Users can choose different oil press method on basis of characteristic of oilseed. Huatai will always be reliable to design, manufacture, install the most economical and quality assured oil pressing line to customers worldwide.Meanwhile,if you have any problem,please contact us online or leave us a message.

Huatai different oilseed pretreatment and pre-press method introduction


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