Palm Kernel Oil Production Line



Different from palm oil which is expressed from palm nut, palm kernel oil is extracted from palm kernels. It is full of low-level fatty acid thus the properties are quite different from palm oil. The palm oil is milky white or light yellow, and with pleasant walnut flavor. Palm kernel oil tends to be oxidative decomposition and the flavor becomes spicy, it is the easy oxidative that makes the oil popular in frying and cooking and beneficial to getting healthy.


Palm Kernel Pretreatment
Palm kernel pre-treatment is indispensable to get pure palm kernel oil; more important, the clean palm kernel is a favor to protect oil press and extend its working life. After removing palm kernels shells by palm kernel shelling and separator machine, the shelled palm kernels need the following processing steps.

a.Vibrating screen is used here to sieve sand, stones and other debris; at the same time, magnetic separators are adopted to separate metal debris.

b. A crushing machine is necessary to break the whole palm kernel into several pieces.

c. The kernel pieces are fed in a roller mill. The palm kernel cake thickness becomes thinner and thinner as it drops from the top to the bottom, about 0.25 to 0.4 mm thick.

d. The kernel flakes are then conveyed to cooking to adjust the moisture content and ensure pure oil.

Palm Kernel Oil Plantation & Application

Malaysia and Indonesia are the first two countries in the world planting a large acre of palm trees. Palm oil and palm kernel oil have sprought rapidly in the edible oil market in recent years. Palm kernel oil contains more unsaturated fatty acid and has high iodine number. Except for cooking, it can be divided into solid state and liquid state through crystallizing and pressing. The solid oil can be the replacement of cocoa butter while liquid one is used for baking, hydrogenating or making soap.