Oilseeds Scraper Conveyor

Oilseeds scraper conveyor is a kind of transportation equipment that conveys the bulk material continuously by the moving scraper chain with long distance. It is simple in structure, light in weight, small in size and convenient in installation and maintenance. The scraper conveyor not only can be conveyed horizontally but also can be tilted or vertically conveyed.

Components of the Scraper Conveyor System

The main structure and components of various types of scraper conveyor are basically the same. It consists of three parts, the head, the middle part and the tail part. The conveyor’s head is made up of the head frame, motor, coupling, reducer and sprocket parts etc. The central part is composed of transition trough, middle trough, chain and scraper and so on. The conveyor tail is a device for the return of scraper chain. The tail of heavy scraper conveyor has the power transmission device, which is the same as the head.