Oil Seed Plate Dryer

Plate dryer is mainly used for the drying and softening of oilseed (e.g. soybean, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds or seed chips, meals). It is also used for dehydrating/steaming/cooking different materials of granule form, powder form, flake form and fiber form to reduce materials’ moisture content to the required percentage so that the material could meet the technical requirements, which is convenient for the further leaching and storage. Compared with other dryers, plate drying machine has features of compact structure, high efficiency, uniform drying, large output, low energy consumption, the material is not broken, reliable operation, easy to operate.

Main Structure of Oilseed Flat-panel Dryer

The flat-panel dryer is a new kind of heat exchange equipment for drying, steaming and frying materials in some oil, grain, and feed processing industries. It consists of a machine frame, a feeding hopper, a heating device, a transmission agent and other components. The machine’s transmission agent is scraper chain, and the heat-transfer agent is steam or heat transfer oil, which could dry material by contacting heat transfer method.

Working Principle of Material Flat-panel Drying Machine
Features of Plate Dryer for Oil Seed
Plate Dryer Applications
Parameter Data of Oilseed Plate Dryer