Edible Oil extractor


Oil extractor is the main equipment in the edible oil solvent extraction process. The pretreated oilseeds or pre-pressed oil cake are sent to the edible oil extractor by the conveyor, after solvent extraction, miscella and the wet meal is obtained. Crude extracted oil shall be refined to be edible.

Oil extraction technology can be classified into the batch extraction and continuous extraction in terms of operation mode; immersion extraction, percolation extraction, and combined extraction in terms of contact mode; direct extraction, pre-pressing extraction, and expansion extraction in terms of production technology.

Types of Edible Oil Extractor Machine

We provide rotocel extractor, loop type extractor, drag chain extractor and tank extractor for your choice.

Rotocel Extractor

Rotocel extractor is a continuous combined type oil extractor. The rotor consisting of material cells rotates around the main shaft for one cycle to complete the extraction process. Rotocel extractor is the most widely used edible oil extraction equipment, suitable for small and medium oil extraction plant. Rotocel extractor is suitable for the oil extraction of peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seed, sesame, corn germ, camellia seed, flax seed, castor seed, soybean, rice bran, safflower seed, palm fruit cake, palm kernel cake, copra, grape seed, evening primrose seed, etc. The extractor is especially suitable for extraction of various pre-pressed oil cakes. Rotocel extractor is also used for extracting capsicum red pigment.

Advantages of Rotocel extractor

1.Simple structure, easy operation, and maintenance.

2.Rotocel extractor structure.

3.Adopt stainless steel stationary grid, with an additional horizontal grid to prevent backflow of thick miscella into the material cells. The grid gap has a self-cleaning effect and is free of clogging.

4.Adopt gear-rack drive, unique rotor balancing design, low rotating speed, small power consumption, stable and reliable operation without noise, low failure rate.

5.The feed system automatically adjusts the rotating speed of the closed-air aspirator and main engine depending on the incoming amount, so that the materials in the buffer bin can maintain a certain level, which is good for the formation of negative micro-pressure inside the extractor and reducing the leakage of solvent vapor.

6.Adopt advanced miscella circulation design, good for reducing the input of fresh solvent, reducing residue oil in meals, increasing miscella concentration, and saving energy through reducing the amount of evaporation.

7.High material layer, good immersion effect, good filtration effect, low fines content in the miscella, improving the quality of crude oil and reducing the scaling of evaporation system.

Technical Data of Rotocel Extractor

Model Handling Capacity(t/d) Diameter(mm)
JP240 10-20 2400
JP300 20-30 3000
JP320 30-50 3200
JP340 50 3400
JP370 50-80 3700
JP420 50-80 4200
JP450 80 4500
JP470 80-100 4700
JP500 120-150 5000

Working Principal of Edible Oil Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is an advanced oil manufacturing method widely used in the world. The process includes solvent extraction, miscella separation, wet meal desolventizing and drying, solvent recovery.

Solvent extraction adopts selected organic solvent that can dissolve oil to extract oil from pretreated oilseeds or pre-pressed cake by immersion or percolation in the oil extractor. The mixed liquor obtained is called miscella. The wet meal is discharged from the meal outlet and sent to the desolventizer toaster to remove the solvent. The thick miscella is filtered and sent to the evaporation system. Utilizing the difference of boiling point between the selected solvent and oil, after miscella evaporation and stripping, the solvent evaporates and separates with oil, thus the crude extracted oil is obtained. The solvent vapor is condensed and cooled for reuse. The crude oil is sent to the refining workshop and undergoes a series of refining processes such as degumming, de-acidification, bleaching, and deodorization to obtain the edible oil.

Advantages of Edible Oil Extraction

1. Residue oil rate of extracting meal can be controlled under 1%, high oil yield.

2. Good meal quality, favorable for making food or extracting vegetable protein, improving the nutritive value and practical value of feed, and increasing the efficiency of fertilizer.

3. Easy to realize large scale and automatic production, low labor intensity, low power consumption, low processing cost.

4. Good work environment: closed production, no leakage, no dust, low production temperature.