Edible Oil Decolorizing Equipment

Common Methods of Oil Decolorization

In industrial cooking oil production plant, there are many methods for oil decolorization: adsorption decolorization, heating decolorization, oxidation decolorization, chemical reagent decolorization and so on. Among them, adsorption decolorization is the mostly method in oil refining processes.

Oil Bleaching Machine Features

1.Oil bleaching machine is made of 304L stainless steel material with mirror polishing treatment. Conform to the GMP standard.

2.The machine is equipped with stainless steel stirring blade, uniform stirring and convenient cleaning. Please note: the shape and size of the stirring blade can be customized according to customer needs.

3.Bleaching machine has electric control box which voltage is 220v/380v, button control and the temperature can be set.

4.Machine’s heating pipe is made of 304/316 stainless steel. Acid and alkali resistant, corrosion proof, high power and fast heating.

5.Wide application: oil decoloring machine is not only used in oil refining industry but also can apply to fine chemical industry, cosmetics market, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. With the advantages of reasonable design, great durability, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise and easy installation, our stainless steel decolorization tank has been widely used in medium and large material processing factory.

Why Edible Oil Decolorizing Equipment Is Essential?Intermittent type adsorbent decoloring process

In the intermittent type decoloring process of edible oil, oil & adsorbent mixing, heating, reacting, cooling and filtering are batch processed in edible oil bleaching pots. Intermittent type adsorbent decoloring process is suitable for small and medium oil refining factory, and the main processing equipment is bleaching tank. The bleaching tank is a closed cylindrical container with a dish cover and a conical bottom. Edible oil bleaching machine is equipped with stirring device and heating coil, and the power motor is fixed on the top cover of it. In addition, bleaching machine has decolorizer inlet pipe, vacuum pump, inlet-outlet-oil-tube, cooling water pipe and steam pipe.

Comparison of different adsorption decolorization methods

Continuous type
Category of comparison Intermittent type Tube type Mechanical mixing Steam stirring
Clay consumption (%) 3-5 1-3 3-5 1-3
Decolorization temperature (℃) 90-110 100-110 90-110 105-120
Decolorization time (min) 30-50 20-30 30-40 20-30
Decolorizing vacuum degree (MPa) -0.095 -0.095 -0.095 -0.095
Bleaching oil color (Lovibond color) Y35R6 Y35R4 Y35R6 Y35R4
Equipment cost High Low High Low
Equipment maintenance cost High Low High Low
Steam consumption (%) 5 2-3 3 2-4
Power consumption High None High None

Other Decolorization Methods:
Thermal decolorization
Air decolorization
Reagent decolorization