Deodorizing Tower & Oil Deodorization Process


Deodorizing equipment such as intermittent deodorization pot and continuous deodorization tower mainly adopt the principle of steam distillation to deodorize oil, but the intermittent deodorization machine has the shortcoming of long operation time, high steam consumption, and low heat utilization, which is about to be eliminated. Thus, continuous edible oil deodorizing tower is the commonly used deodorizer machine in oil refinery factory.

Continuous Deodorization Tower Introduction

The continuous deodorizing tower is the best choice especially for large-scale oil refinery factory with advantages of compact structure, high steam utilization, and easy maintenance. The type of continuous deodorizer tower has developed from plate deodorization tower (single shell) to tray deodorization tower (multiple-layer shell), while in recent years the packing deodorization tower and combined deodorization tower have also been introduced into production.

The tray deodorization tower is equipped with a vertical cylindrical shell and a series of trays to ensure all processes (heat recovery, final heating, and cooling, deodorization) are carried out in specific layers of trays, respectively. But with the growing demand for lowering the residence time at high temperature, a new process of tray deodorization tower combining with packing deodorizer method is developed, and it is particularly suitable for refinery factory with frequent oil variety replacement to process oil which has a complex source, poor quality and deep color, such as rice bran oil, tea seed oil.

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