Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1950,whcih is a large-scale oil machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacture and installation as one of the major grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in China.Our company headquartered located in Huaxiang County Industries,Henan Province,China,covering 100,000.00 square meters.

Huatai machinery has developed projects including large scale oilseed pretreatment and pressing, oil extraction, oil refining and oil fractionation production line project,conveyor equipment project,corn/maize flour, grits, germ milling machines and corn processing lines,biodiesel technology,cottonseed, rice bran and soybean protein technology, and Palm Oil processing lines,etc.

  •    One of the most largest Cooking oils factory in China.
  • ★   Production of grain and oil equipment solutions from A to Z.
  • ★   Huatai is a factory with more than 60 years experience.
  • ★   More than 100,000 square meters.
  • ★   Over 580 professional employees.
  • ★   8 Large-scale workshop, 120 production equipments.

Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd is committed to R&D of new efficient oil machines, manufacturing customer oriented oil machines, and leading the development direction of the world’s most advanced grain processing machines and oil processing machines. We are reply on technology and innovation, constantly developing new type oil machines and equipment in order to achieve worlds advanced level.

Our Mission: Leading the grain and oil industry, Create good quality together.
Our principle: Be a good man first, then do perfect work; be a simple person, work with your heart.
Our Aim: Henan Huatai is committed to develop into a modern international oil machinery goal.

Huatai Machinery Factory

Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd constants on the goal of Chinese leading food and oil machinery engineer, leading on advancement of oil industry. We are ready to meet all challenge and opportunities with full confidence and energy.