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Biodiesel production technology introduction of Huatai ediblile oil machine plant

Biodiesel uses in certain proportion to mix with petroleum diesel, can reduce fuel consumption, improve power performance, and reduce the exhaust pollution. Biodiesel has obvious advantages of excellent environmental performance, better performance of engine starting at low temperature, strong lubricity, safety performance is good, and good combustion performance.

As one of the newly developed new energy, biodiesel is renewable. The use of biodiesel, without change the diesel engine, can be added directly to use. At the same time, biodiesel operation has no need to moderate refueling equipment, storage equipment and special skills training. The biodiesel can use directly as fuel in practical operation.

Biodiesel production technology introduction of Huatai ediblile oil machine plant

Biodiesel production has a wide selection of raw material such as acid oils from the refined vegetable oil or refined offcuts of oil plants (soap stock, oil foot, deodorized extract matter, water blenching clay etc.). The price of acid oil is about 1/3 of vegetable oil, so the acid oil or crude fatty acids such as raw material of biodiesel has more advantages than vegetable oil. The biodiesel production from waste oil also avoid environmental pollution of oil refinery, thereby achieving double benefits. The adoption of waste oil to make biodiesel can also reduce pollution brought by waste oil emission.

Waste oil for bio-diesel production can not only reduce waste emissions pollution, at the same time can produce high quality, high safety coefficient of biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used as alternative fuel of diesel oil, which has featured advantages of high burning rate, good safety performance, and can delay the service life of diesel engine.


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